Buying ED Medication Online in Idaho?

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Albertsons Pharmacy (CSAT: 5.0)
  • 490 N 2nd E, Rexburg, ID 83440
  • (208) 542-2088

Everyone here is always nice, but today someone really went above and beyond. I am sorry I did not get his name. They ran out of my meds, and I was going away. He called all over, looking for it. He didn’t sound rushed or bothered that he had to do this for me at all. Thank you!

My whole family came to Albertsons Pharmacy for over 10 yrs+. Their services used to be great and we wouldn’t mind coming here despite the fact that we live pretty far. We had the PCP doc prescribed the refresh eye drops, and their counter representative only gave my mom the refresh and not for my sister. Both of them have the same exact insurance and same plan. I called to inquiry about why it is. The lady on the phone only says insurance doesn’t cover your sister. I have no idea that the insurance can cover for one person and not another when it’s literally the same exact insurance company and same plan. They only gave a generic brand which isn’t working for my sister. They also had a line for 6ft apart, but some other customers came in and skipped the line. They ignore those that aren’t lining up and helped the ones that actually skip thru the line. I understand COVID time is hard for many businesses and their employees, but this isn’t an excuse for the bad services. The lady behind the counter had become quite rude and seemed to be in the mood that gave me an attitude while I wasn’t familiar with their policy of those stickers exchange for products. I am super disappointed with their customer services!

The Medicine Shoppe (CSAT: 4.7)
  • 167 W Main St Suite 1, Rexburg, ID 83440
  • (208) 356-4481

The Medicine Shoppe is one of the worst pharmacies I have ever used. Despite having about ten people behind the medicine counter, they always seem to have a long line. It took them 20 minutes to fill a simple prescription for amoxicillin. I waited longer to have the prescription filled than I did at the doctor. They also did not have any wrapping paper on Christmas Eve, and by no wrapping paper, I mean nothing, no paper, no gift bags (other than birthday themed ones), no labels, nothing. How do you not have anything like that on Christmas Eve? Save your time and drive the extra 10 minutes to CVS.

My Dad is in Assisted Living locally, and a “basic” walker was ordered for him. Neergaard Pharmacy team called my Dad to ensure he didn’t need a “Rollator walker” due to his age and known medical limitations. Sure enough, that’s what was required, so they phoned the Dr’s office for a different prescription. Amanda was professional, knowledgeable, and was kind when I erroneously thought I needed a different type of walker. Bottom line: Without Amanda’s help, my Dad would have gotten a walker, but he would not have been able to go on longer walks since he couldn’t sit down to rest. Thanks, Amanda, and thank you, Neergaard’s, for hiring such helpful staff!

ViaQX Pharmacy (CSAT: 4.0)
  • 1450 N 2nd E, Rexburg, ID 83440
  • (208) 359-2814

ViaQX Pharmacy is great! They always have most items stocked very well. We really love their clearance section in the back. And, the produce here is always really great quality. There are a few employees that go above and beyond. But, MOST of the employees are REALLY lacking. Many of them are on their cell phones most of the time and almost make you feel like you’re inconveniencing them if you need their help. So, DO NOT feel free to ask for help. But, because the store is laid out and stocked really well, you really shouldn’t need their help…unless you’re doing a self check out. Every time we do a self check out, it’s a nightmare because of the employees that work there.

There have been some challenges and had all but given up, but most recently, Mr. Sherman, the pharmacy manager, stepped up and went way beyond for me taking care of medicare and tricare issues on my billing. He is outstanding and has a super passion and commitment for his customers and everyone! This warrants a 5-star rating, and they work hard to get you taken care of here! I appreciate this exceptional-service and care.

Broulim’s Pharmacy (CSAT: 3.6)
  • 124 W Main St, Rexburg, ID 83440
  • (208) 356-5416

The pharmacist is a jerk. He doesn’t know how to talk to people, and he messes with my friend every month to pick up her medicine. I’ve switched to Broulim’s Pharmacy, and I’m much happier. I have 8-9 prescriptions refilled every month. I asked them to order non-generic medication because the generic doesn’t work as well, and he told me, ” what I have is what you get” oh no, sir, not me, I switched, and I’m so much happier this pharmacy doesn’t play games with my prescriptions refills so much quicker and gives an overall excellent service.

Abrams Royal is by far the best pharmacy I’ve ever used. I stumbled upon then from a provider in the building. At the time I was using CVS, I just assumed I would continue. However, I filled the script with Abrams Royal pharmacy. I haven’t looked back. Their service and employees are far superior to any experience I had with CVS or Walgreens. I probably not ethical for me, which I have no connection with Abrams Royal Pharmacy or healthcare. My initial transfer from CVS was terrible. They for some reason, we’re reluctant to send my scripts to this pharmacy. Omar and Elizabeth handled this very professionally, and CVS finally released my scripts. My pharmaceutical prices are no comparison to CVS or Walgreens. I’m on a fixed income, so every dollar counts. Since I’ve been trading with Abrams Royal pharmacy, the prices are unbelievably the lowest I’ve ever paid. I also have a mobility problem, and Abrams Royal Pharmacy has offered me, as well as all the customers delivery. I hate to criticize CVS or Walgreens, but there is absolutely no comparison with quality, product availability, and especially service that Abrams Royal pharmacy demonstrates with care and compassion for the area. I’ve thought that in the event I move from the Heights, I sure want to keep them. Suppose it’s only by mail. I found a good thing, and I’m not about to change. Thanks for all you’ve done in assisting with my pharmaceutical needs. Sincerely, Bryan LeBoeuf.

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