3-12-16 Board Meeting

Here are the Board meeting notes from the March Meeting.  Any questions please get with your Board Representatives.


Project List for Ranch

This is a project list that was put together by Kim Westover. If you can do any of these and are willing to please get with your board member or Kim Westover.

Projects list


Chris Harrison

Agenda 3-12-16 meeting

This agenda has already been sent to your board representatives.


Chris Harrison


Ruth Roses Scholarship

Attached is the information for the Ruth Roses Scholarship.  If you have more questions you can contact Natalie Dickhaut her information is on the scholarship application.  You can also contact your Board Representative.

RUTH Roses Scholarship


Chris Harrison

Board meetings minutes 3-8-14

Here is the link for the Board meeting notes from 3-8-14.

If you have any questions please contact your board members.


Chris Harrison


Board Meeting 3-8-14

Death in Family

Darrell Westover passed away today.  I will follow up with more details on funeral arrangements when i know more.  Please keep his family in your prayers.


Westover Ranch Presidency

Follow up on Donations

Dear Family,

We are excited to update you on great progress on our important Well and Mower projects and the Darrell Westover match program.  First the good news:  The well at the ranch has been repaired.  We have a brand new submersible pump and required new pipe installed and ready to test when we open the building for the season.  Next, we have a terrific start on the money needed for the new mower.

You will recall that Darrell Westover pledged to match up to $5000 in 50 and 100 dollar donations for these two most urgent needs.  Families already taking advantage of his offer have helped tremendously.  Not only have we received a number such donations, but we have also been thrilled to receive some small but very valued donations from families with modest resources and even little children.  Amazingly, Dad is still with us, though growing weaker every day, and he has asked us to thank each of you who has participated so far.  His offer still stands.  His vision is for every family to support the ranch.  Every donation of any amount is appreciated.  Every family member is important, regardless of their financial resources.  We ask you to do what you can, be it large or small.

Why You Need to Register

It is the desire of the Board that all family members register for complete access here at WestoverFamilyRanch.com.

Doing so will allow you to view details of board meetings, financial statements and other vital information related to the ranch.

Without registration and an active login you will not be able to see all the transparent information the Board provides.

Registration also allows the family organization to disseminate vital information quickly through gathered details and offers all family members a trusted place to store contact information and profile details important to other family located around the world.

This information is safeguarded and kept strictly confidential, never shared outside of this site.