Family Help Wanted

The Westover Family Ranch website is entirely produced by family members. We welcome the help from family everywhere who have skills that can help us improve this website and others associated with it. If you would like to be part of the Westover Ranch web team, please contact Jeff Westover, ranch website host and webmaster.

Family Newswriter — Do you attend the great Westover family reunions? Write about them for those who cannot attend. We will archive you reports here on the website for all the family to enjoy.

Family Historian — If you have an interest and a passion for family history we want to make use of your talents. We need family members to contribute family historical photos, stories, data, genealogies, diaries, journals and other family records. If this is your area of expertise we need you!

Family Archivist — Who has possession of cherished family stuff? We need a sleuth who can build and maintain a database of important family artifacts. We want to know what exists, who has possession of them, what photographic efforts have been made to make record of them, etc. This is a role that requires long vision.

Family Photographer — Do you have a talent and skill for taking pictures? We are in constant need of images — and we need folks with the equipment, time and talent to produce them.

Graphic Artist — Have some serious web skills? We have some serious website needs for graphics on a continual basis.

Social Media Manager— Do you know Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and other social media venues? Help us expand the Westover Family presence on the Internet.